Illustrator and Performer


MICA B.F.A. in Illustration '11


You may have seen her as:

Olivia Otter in "Trial in the Woods" by Stephanie Barber, Mercury Theater, '18

Gatekeeper in "La Llorona" by Cecelia Raker, Cohesion Theater, '18

Chorus in "Orphan Sea" by Caridad Svech, Cohesion Theater, '18

Kuroko dancer in "M. Butterfly" by David Henry Hwang, Everyman Theatre, '17

Sister in "Shattering Frame: a Bridgette Miakowski Mystery" by Trevor Wilhelms, Annex Theater, '17

Ariel in "The Tempest" by W. Shakespeare, Annex Theater, '17

Fun Facts

Born in LA, lives in Baltimore.

Loves collecting skulls and bones, antiques and bugs. 

Currently in search of magicicadas.